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Serve With Us

Do you already know how you'd like to serve and the leader you need to connect with? Request contact information here:

Get in Touch with a Leader

Be Inspired to Serve

It takes a whole group of people to create a welcoming and meaningful worship service. There's opportunities to serve every time we get together for worship. As you serve, you can know that you're a part of creating an opportunity for our community to spend time with their God. Worship is where we are encouraged by God's Word, challenged by his teaching, and comforted by his promises. Be a part of crafting this experience for our community!

Sound Technicians and Musicians

Music has an amazing ability to move us deeply as we worship our God. We wouldn't hear anything without someone working the soundboard and there would be nothing to hear if it weren't for all of our wonderful Musicians. Sound Technicians are able to work behind the scenes making adjustments to audio levels in the sanctuary and on the livestream. Musicians are for those who don't mind sharing their gifts in front of people.

Each musician truly leads us in worship, not only by playing what's on the page, but by worshipping God themselves as they lead the rest of us in worship. There are also many opportunities for special music throughout the year for soloist, groups, and our church choir.

Contact: Pastor David and Pastor Dan

Saving Grace Choir

Mission: The primary mission of the Saving Grace Choir is to create a supportive and uplifting environment where participants can express their faith through fellowship and the joy of singing. Come be a part of this enriching journey where faith and music converge to create a harmonious and spiritually uplifting experience for all!

How to Join: If you have a passion for singing and a desire to strengthen your faith through music, we welcome you to join the Saving Grace Choir. Feel free to reach out to any choir member and our director Hannah DeYoung for more information or simply join us during our regular Thursday rehearsals at 6:30 -7:30pm. 

Contact: Hannah DeYoung
Rehearsals: Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm

Media and Livestream Crew

Not only do people need something to hear, but words and prompts play a vital role in everyone worshipping together in unison. At every service we need a volunteer to run Pro-presenter from our A/V booth. This allows the entire congregation to be on the same page as they sing, read the scripture, and respond when prompted. This captioning is not only displayed on the screen in the sanctuary, but it is overlayed onto the live stream to create lower-thirds captioning.

For our live streamed services, we need a technician to run our camera system and livestream for the duration of the service. This is a great blessing to our livestream audience and everyone who tunes into the Television broadcast a week later. People tune in and can see the sanctuary, the pastors, and the congregation and they are reminded that they are worshipping together with the people of God.

Contact: Keith Muchow

Hospitality and Altar Guild

How people enter the front doors will color the rest of the experience they'll have in the sanctuary. Our Greeters and Ushers have a wonderful opportunity to give a warm welcome to long time members and first time visitors to our church. If you have the gift of hospitality and would like to put it to use at a Worship service, please reach out to us!

Contact: John Ruesch

We receive Communion every Saturday and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. There is an opportunity for people who like to work behind the scenes to set up communion before the service. We also need volunteers to serve communion to the congregation during worship for those who are comfortable working in front of other people. It's a wonderful blessing to serve Christ as he ministers to his people through the "Body of Christ, given for you," and the "Blood of Christ, shed for you."

Contact: Cindy Joy Fischer

Decoration and Visual Ministry

Here at Saving Grace we recognize all of the seasons of the Church Calendar. Chuck Hill and the Visual Arts Committee do a wonderful job of bringing each of those seasons to life. The excitement of Easter, the warmth and mystery of Christmas, the somber and reflective nature of Good Friday is brought to life through decoration and visual design. If you've got an eye for design and decoration, you like to work behind the scenes, and you don't mind being on your feet, this is a great opportunity for you!

Contact: Chuck Hill 

Jesus is teaching us all how to be a loving servant of our neighbors, families, and friends. There are many opportunities here at Saving Grace to volunteer and be a blessing to others. You can be a part of the daily work of the church throughout the week by volunteering in the office. The Men and Women serve through their meals and crafts. Communion Care volunteers bring the Lord's Supper out to those who are homebound and those who are unable to worship with us in person. And we also have opportunities for people to be a blessing to the next generation through teaching our young people.

Cooks and Crafters

The women are working almost all year long preparing for their yearly Fall Bazaar Craft Sale. They meet to discuss what crafts need to be made in order to have a good variety of crafts. They also make Lefse for the event starting in the Summer. The money that they raise goes to very important projects around the church that keep our ministry moving forward. The Women also work together to provide food, service, and hospitality to families and communities after funerals here at church.

Contact: Beverly Nelson, Jean Brettingen

The Men are constantly cooking up something in the kitchen. Whether they're cooking their regular meal for the local Free Clinic or their whipping up 350 servings of spaghetti for a Sofas for Service benefit, these Men make good use of the kitchen. They regularly meet on Saturdays for Men's Breakfast and it takes a whole crew to prep, cook, and clean for the group of 20 regulars that attend. If you've got experience or you'd like to learn, there's a place for you in the kitchen.

Contact: Arnie Johnson

Front Desk Attendants and Publications

It's so important that visitors and members are greeted with a warm and friendly face whenever they walk through the doors of our church. Our front desk attendants are the first face people see when they walk into the building and the first voice they hear when they call on the phone. On top of that, these volunteers help staff with the ministry projects and task they have by running copies, making phone calls, or assisting with ministry preparation. If you'd like to help in the office, please reach out!

Contact: Ruth Hofland

The church is constantly creating publications. From the weekly bulletins to the monthly newsletter, it's a big task to print and fold or staple all of the material that we are putting together. If you are interested in spending some time folding or collating publications, please reach out!

Contact: Kathy Jaenke 

Communion Care Ministry

The Lord's Supper is a wonderful gift straight from our Lord Jesus Christ that provides the forgiveness of sin and the comfort of our Heavenly Father. We have members who are unable to attend worship services in person and they cherish every time they are able to have communion. The only way they receive it is if someone brings it to them. This is a vital ministry for our church and community and we would love to hear from you if you have interest in serving Christ in this way.

Contact: Donna Kokemoor

Family, Youth, and Children

Do you like working with children or youth? We have many volunteer opportunities available for our youth programs!

Nursery Volunteer
Sunday School Teacher or Assistant
Children's Music & Programs
Vacation Bible School & Other Summer Programs

 Contact: Melissa Corlett (Education Director)

There are many leadership opportunities within our community. We have group that oversee and direct the vision for our church, other groups provide accountability and support for our staff, and there are groups that plan activities and projects that serve our church community in its mission to know Jesus Christ.

Church Council

Is the main group of leadership that oversees the vision of the church, it's committees, and property. There is an executive board that is responsible for organizing things like the budget, the annual meeting, and our annual report. Council members then meet on a monthly basis in order to reflect on what God is doing in our community, encourage staff in their ministry, and plan for the ministry taking place throughout the year.

Contact: Michelle Otto (Council President)

Administrative Committees

There are a variety of Committees that are more administrative in nature responsible for the business that comes along with church ministry.

  • Church Management Committee (Duane Erickson)
  • Personnel Committee (Kevin Otto)
  • Nominating Committee 
  • Fundraising Committee (Michelle Otto)

Committees focused on Spiritual Growth

These committees are more involved with the ministry that is taking place during the week and at our weekend worship services. 

  • Discipleship Committee (Jean Brettingen)
  • Mission Committee (Kay Granger)
  • Worship and Music Committee (Rich Kookemoor)
  • Education Committee (Melissa Corlett)